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Tasks for post-divorce life

After a divorce has been finalized, a former couple in Maryland may be very pleased. Divorce can be a process that many people find emotionally, financially and mentally draining. However, there are still some things exes will have to do after the divorce to ensure that they can fully go their separate ways.

Tech issues to address during divorce

The to-do list for Maryland couples preparing for divorce can get quite large. Unfortunately, password protection for digital accounts often gets lost in the shuffle. It is commonplace for couples to know all of each other's important passwords. It is also very likely that spouses share online accounts, such as those for financial accounts, movie streaming services or popular forums.

Divorcing couples must cooperate when selling their marital home

Selling a house is a stressful experience in the best of circumstances. Maryland residents selling a house during a divorce experience an additional layer of challenges. Usually, cooperation between divorcing parties is not easy. However, if a divorcing couple is going to sell their home and they want to get any money out of the sale, they need to be able to cooperate with each other.

Dealing with dependent tax credits after divorce

Divorcing parents in Maryland may need to decide who will claim the children on their taxes. In fact, this could be addressed in the divorce agreement. If exes fail to do so, the IRS will accept the claim of the parent who files first. If a parent who is not entitled to make the claim does so, sorting it out after the fact can be complicated.

Planning ahead for divorce as a business owner

Business owners in Maryland may need to consider the future when they decide to marry. While few people want to think about divorce before they even begin their married life, this is a necessity for entrepreneurs. In many cases, investors like venture capitalists may even require proof that a business is safeguarded in case of divorce before making a serious investment in a firm. Because a business can be such a key asset, it's important to think about how a divorce could affect its future.

Divorce negotiations for a positive resolution

Divorce can seem like a frightening or overwhelming experience for many people in Maryland, especially if they are most commonly familiar with its portrayal in media. People hear about drawn-out court cases, bitter disputes and ongoing financial feuds. However, millions of average people get divorced each year, and many of them do not face these contentious, high-conflict situations. Divorce often comes with difficult emotions, and it can be a challenging time. However, it is also possible for both parties to negotiate an agreement that sees the marriage come to an end without a battle over every dollar.

How divorce can affect sending kids to college

Several parents in Maryland work hard to send their children to college. However, those very same parents might not plan for unexpected events, such as the death of either spouse or the divorce of both parents. Yet, this is surprising given how many married couples end up going to divorce court: As a matter of fact, it is estimated that four out of ten marriages get dissolved at some point.

Reasons for divorce share common traits

Although each case of divorce is unique, Maryland couples who choose to separate often find that they share common traits with troubled marriages throughout the country. Insider has published some data regarding common reasons for divorce, and the results show that many of the top causes are the same today as they have been in years past.

Why prenuptial agreements are important for younger couples

College and graduate students in Maryland and throughout the country may not have a lot of assets when they get married. However, it can still be a good idea to create a prenuptial agreement. This is because students may have debt that they will bring into the marriage. Those who are in law or medical school may have a significant amount of debt when they get married.

Financial reasons to re-think a divorce

Couples in Maryland often have valid reasons for splitting up. Even so, it's generally advised -- as long as an unsafe domestic situation doesn't exist -- that spouses who've reached a point where divorce is being discussed take a moment to consider the full financial implications associated with untying the knot. This doesn't mean that couples should stick things out just to avoid financial challenges. However, it never hurts to be fully informed about what a newly single life may actually look like.