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Retired couples can face their own divorce challenges

For older couples in Maryland and across the United States, retirement age is not necessarily just a time to leave the workplace and enjoy some relaxing time with the family. For an increasing number of couples over the age of 50, divorce is accompanying retirement. The divorce rate for couples over 50 has escalated by 50 percent over the last 20 years and remains on an upward trend, even while the overall rate of divorce for American couples has declined. One out of every four couples decides to divorce after 50.

Why same-sex divorce can be complicated

Same-sex couples in Maryland and elsewhere won the right to marry in all 50 states thanks to a 2015 Supreme Court ruling. However, they may face unique challenges when it comes time to get divorced. This is because many same-sex couples who are married today have been in relationships long before they were able to tie the knot. That fact could complicate matters such as deciding who gets spousal support or how to divide marital property.

Thinking of the children when contemplating divorce

Some Maryland parents who are contemplating divorce may wonder if it is worth it to stay married for the sake of their children. Although a divorce may have an impact on their lives, there may also be a negative impact by staying in the marriage. It may be worth staying if there is a legitimate chance of rebuilding the marriage. It may also be worth staying in a marriage if it means retaining medical coverage or other needed resources.

Studies show the effects of online dating

Maryland couples who met through a dating service might be encouraged by some findings from research into the effect online dating has had on marriage, divorce and relationships. According to various studies, couples who met online may be happier and less likely to break up. Additionally, some researchers believe that online dating could benefit society by bringing more people together who are of different social classes, thereby helping to reduce prejudices.

Serious issues that may lead to divorce

Some Maryland residents might wonder whether they should try to keep working on their marriage or seek to end it. While people may want to keep a marriage together for the sake of the children or for other reasons, there are some instances in which filing for divorce might be necessary.

How to save money in a gray divorce

While divorce rates in most age categories have declined over the years, for those aged 50 or more it has doubled since the 1990s. Many older Maryland couples are now facing what is called a gray divorce, and these can be very costly. Since it is more difficult to recover financially after a gray divorce, the financial outcome may have a significant impact on a person's standard of living for the remainder of his or her life.

Tax considerations for couples getting divorced

A number of things can change after divorce. One factor that people don't often think about is how their tax situation will be different when they are no longer married. Understanding the changes that are likely to happen could help couples in Maryland avoid mistakes that might cost them a lot of money.

Divorce rates can be correlated with job choices

A Maryland couple's likelihood of divorce could be related to their jobs, research has found. Using statistics from the 2015 American Community Survey, researchers looked at which jobs have higher rates of divorce. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people with careers involving nightlife or a large amount of travel have some of the highest divorce rates in the country.

When mediation is not a good option for a couple

At some point, a Maryland couple may decide that it is time for the marriage to end. Once this decision has been made, the couple will need to decide how they want to actually go about getting the divorce. One popular method for dissolving a marriage is to go through mediation. While it certainly has its advantages, mediation is not for everyone.

Closing a joint bank account while divorcing

When Maryland couples are heading toward divorce, some of the challenges can be not only emotional but also practical. Even when a split is amicable, shared assets can often lead to confusion. This can be especially true with joint bank accounts, especially when both parties have bills or other automatic payments connected directly to the account.