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How to keep divorce out of the office

Keeping work life and the divorce process separate can be challenging, but it is necessary. People must take steps to ensure that the divorce does not hurt their performance at work and that they do not jeopardize any part of the divorce process by being careless with confidentiality.

It is unlikely that a coworker would be deposed in the divorce process, but it is not impossible, and this is just one reason to separate professional life from the divorce. Using a work email address and an unsecured server to communicate about the divorce could put the attorney-client privilege in danger. People should take calls about the divorce outside or in a private office. They should be careful about leaving any confidential documents about the divorce where they can be discovered.

Divorce issues are likely to arise at inconvenient times during the work day, but people should keep in mind that they generally do not require an immediate response. It is better to schedule a block of time each day to deal with these issues. This also helps control the anxiety that divorce may bring into a person's professional life and vice versa.

Some people in the workplace will need to be involved. Business co-owners need to inform their partners, and human resources may need to provide some documents that are necessary for the divorce.

The end of a marriage can be devastating, but it is important not to let those emotions affect divorce negotiations or work. For example, some people may be angry about the divorce and might stall negotiations as a result. Others may be overly cooperative, wanting the process over with quickly and agreeing to unfavorable financial terms. An attorney may be able to help a person consider post-divorce goals and make a plan for going to court or negotiating a settlement.

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