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April 2019 Archives

How to keep divorce out of the office

Keeping work life and the divorce process separate can be challenging, but it is necessary. People must take steps to ensure that the divorce does not hurt their performance at work and that they do not jeopardize any part of the divorce process by being careless with confidentiality.

Domestic violence threatens the lives of teen girls

Experts have long understood that domestic violence is a major cause of death for women in Maryland and across the United States. However, according to a new study, violence perpetrated by former or current romantic partners also poses a significant threat to the lives of teenage girls.

Tasks for post-divorce life

After a divorce has been finalized, a former couple in Maryland may be very pleased. Divorce can be a process that many people find emotionally, financially and mentally draining. However, there are still some things exes will have to do after the divorce to ensure that they can fully go their separate ways.

While still not the norm, joint custody is more common today

At one time, it was fairly common for courts in Maryland and other states to side with mothers when there was a need to make custody decisions. According to one study, this is exactly what happened about 80 percent of the time 1980. But that figured dropped to around 40 percent nearly three decades later. It's a reflection of an increasingly common preference for joint custody or shared parenting.

The importance of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act was approved in 1968 and changed the way jurisdiction was afforded in custody cases. Prior to this date, any court in the United States could exercise jurisdiction in a child custody case if the child was in that state.

The basics of co-parenting after a divorce

Above all else, divorced parents in Maryland and elsewhere are advised to keep their children's best interests in mind. This is just one piece of advice typically given to divorced individuals looking to successfully co-parent after a marriage ends. Barring dangerous situations, it's often best for a parent to not keep a child from another parent who may be unreliable or have other flaws. Doing so may cause them to falsely idolize that individual.