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Tech issues to address during divorce

The to-do list for Maryland couples preparing for divorce can get quite large. Unfortunately, password protection for digital accounts often gets lost in the shuffle. It is commonplace for couples to know all of each other's important passwords. It is also very likely that spouses share online accounts, such as those for financial accounts, movie streaming services or popular forums.

A future ex-spouse who wants to cause complications during or after a divorce may use the knowledge of those passwords to do so. This is why it is important for separating partners to change the passwords for all of the accounts that they intend to keep. They can use online services to generate and organize highly secure passwords.

Another important tech-related task to complete when getting a divorce is making sure that all of the electronic devices shared with a spouse have been wiped clean. Such devices can contain images, browsing histories and passwords. Items including phones, computers, tables and more should be reset so that they are back to their default factory settings.

A divorce attorney could help a client determine which legal strategy may be most appropriate for obtaining preferred divorce settlement terms. A soon-to-be ex may receive counsel regarding what actions should be taken to protect their interests before a divorce petition is filed. The attorney might recommend gathering important documents, such as those pertaining to finances, and changing passwords to important online accounts. In some cases, litigation will be necessary to resolve disputes regarding certain legal issues, such as the division of marital property, child support and more.

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