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March 2019 Archives

Tech issues to address during divorce

The to-do list for Maryland couples preparing for divorce can get quite large. Unfortunately, password protection for digital accounts often gets lost in the shuffle. It is commonplace for couples to know all of each other's important passwords. It is also very likely that spouses share online accounts, such as those for financial accounts, movie streaming services or popular forums.

Divorcing couples must cooperate when selling their marital home

Selling a house is a stressful experience in the best of circumstances. Maryland residents selling a house during a divorce experience an additional layer of challenges. Usually, cooperation between divorcing parties is not easy. However, if a divorcing couple is going to sell their home and they want to get any money out of the sale, they need to be able to cooperate with each other.

Dealing with dependent tax credits after divorce

Divorcing parents in Maryland may need to decide who will claim the children on their taxes. In fact, this could be addressed in the divorce agreement. If exes fail to do so, the IRS will accept the claim of the parent who files first. If a parent who is not entitled to make the claim does so, sorting it out after the fact can be complicated.

Electronic communication can bring divorced parents, kids closer

According to a recently published study, Maryland children of divorce may benefit more from regular communication with their parents than from their parents having a good relationship with each other. While it has been assumed that the relationship between the parents is a significant factor in a child's adjustment to divorce, study results did not support this.