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Reasons for divorce share common traits

Although each case of divorce is unique, Maryland couples who choose to separate often find that they share common traits with troubled marriages throughout the country. Insider has published some data regarding common reasons for divorce, and the results show that many of the top causes are the same today as they have been in years past.

According to Insider's published findings, the top reason for divorce is a lack of commitment by one spouse to the other. This lack of commitment may come about as a result of no longer sharing the same goals for the marriage, but it may also be coupled with another top reason for divorce: infidelity. Affairs cause some of the largest emotional rifts between spouses, and even those couples who choose to move forward with a marriage after infidelity often find that the wounds never completely heal.

In addition, financial woes are a top concern among spouses who may already be struggling. When finances get tight, some spouses begin to feel either unappreciated for their contributions or taken advantage of for their hard work. When combined with a stressful economy, financial problems can quickly lead to a breakdown in communication and commitment and, in the end, the marriage as a whole. Additionally, substance abuse and domestic violence, both of which often go hand in hand, can become a serious problem for a marriage both in terms of finances and in terms of safety of the family.

Regardless of the reason for seeking a divorce, it's often recommended that spouses work together with family law attorneys to protect assets and receive equitable and fair treatment in court when children are a factor. A family law attorney may not only take care of the drafting and filing of paperwork in a divorce but also provide legal counsel if custody concerns arise or when domestic violence is a contributing factor to the dissolution of a marriage.

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