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Cooperation can lead to a fair parenting schedule

When a separated couple in Maryland starts planning a parenting schedule, they should think about what the situation will be like for their children. Considering the transitional challenges can help parents design a schedule that is child-focused.

This can be important because some parents may be tempted to look at the schedule as a win-or-lose opportunity. Others might aim for a schedule that causes them the least amount of inconvenience. Instead, the schedule should be designed to accommodate the child's schedule and needs. The child's extracurricular activities, where both parents live, what transportation is like and how far away the school is should all be factors in planning the schedule. In some families, older children may be a part of this discussion.

The parent who has been more of a day-to-day caregiver might be concerned about their ex's parenting style. However, it's important to accept that differences may not always be a bad thing. Parents should make an effort to negotiate a schedule they are both happy with since the alternative might be litigation. This means that a judge may give a parent less time with the child than what was discussed in negotiations.

Even the most harmonious negotiations can still be difficult, and emotions may run high. However, attorneys may be able to assist parents during the process. A variety of custody and visitation arrangements are available. These could range from a more traditional visitation agreement to newer arrangements such as "nesting." This involves keeping the family home and having the parents rotate in and out while the children stay there.

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