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December 2018 Archives

Differences between a domestic partnership and marriage

In general, domestic partnerships in Maryland are similar to marriages. However, they do not share all the same benefits. Depending on the local jurisdiction, domestic partnerships may be limited to senior couples or couples with at least one partner over 62 years old. Some places refer to domestic partnerships as "civil unions."

Credit card debt and divorce

It is not unusual for divorcing couples in Maryland to have some credit card debt. This debt, particularly debt from joint credit card accounts, will have to be addressed during the divorce process. Unfortunately, doing so can be challenging, largely because many spouses do not understand the ramifications of repaying unsecured debt after a divorce.

How a parent may get a reduction in child support payments

Non-custodial parents living in Maryland and elsewhere in the U.S. may qualify for reductions in child support payments. A parent whose financial situation has significantly changed may qualify for a reduction. A parent of adult children who are able to support themselves may also qualify. A reduction could be granted if the custodial parent has a significantly higher income than the non-custodial parent. If both parents are in agreement that a reduction is necessary, it is even more likely that their request will be granted.

Tips for parallel parenting

Parents in Maryland who are going through a divorce may want to share custody or ensure that one child has ample visitation time with the parent who does not have custody. At the same time, the parents may find that whenever they are together or try to communicate, it erupts into conflict. This can be particularly upsetting for their children. Studies show that it is exposure to this conflict that is the most difficult for children after divorce, so parents should seek to minimize it.