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Hiring a divorce coach

Many people in Maryland file for divorce every year. Most individuals hire an attorney when filing for divorce to ensure that they are treated fairly in court. Some people are also turning to "divorce coaches" to help themselves get through the emotional side of divorce.

Usually, coaches help people get better at an activity like a sport. Divorce coaches help people get through a divorce with as little stress as possible. A divorce coach can help individuals going through a divorce build confidence and make decisions related to the divorce.

There are many issues to consider during a divorce. Some people are likely to get bogged down in details and feel overwhelmed. A divorce coach can help them organize these issues and tackle them one at a time. This should help make time with an attorney more efficient if the client already knows what they want in a divorce.

A divorce coach can also provide much-needed emotional support for people who do not feel comfortable discussing the divorce with friends or family. It is common for some people to lose part of their social circle when they go through a divorce as friends take sides, and a coach helps those individuals develop tools to cope with loneliness and meet new friends.

A divorce coach is no substitute for an experienced family law attorney; a coach is not allowed to give legal advice. An attorney may be able to assist with the technical aspects of divorce like calculating child support and completing paperwork in compliance with state law. Some aspects of divorce are highly technical and difficult to change later, so it is important to seek legal advice regarding any important decisions regarding divorce.

Hiring an attorney does not prevent utilizing a divorce coach as well. A divorce coach may help people who want help adjusting to their new life and supplement the assistance provided by an attorney.

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