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November 2018 Archives

Hiring a divorce coach

Many people in Maryland file for divorce every year. Most individuals hire an attorney when filing for divorce to ensure that they are treated fairly in court. Some people are also turning to "divorce coaches" to help themselves get through the emotional side of divorce.

Parents and children may benefit from birdnesting in divorce

Whether a divorce is contentious or amicable in Maryland, most divorced or divorcing couples can agree that the best interests of any children involved in the process need to be at the heart of the matter. Traditionally, children of divorced or divorcing couples have faced the prospect of shuttling between two different homes, but a recent trend is seeking to change that. "Birdnesting" is a custody arrangement in which both parents share a home while living separately to provide children with a singular place of residence during or after a divorce.

Not everyone likes child custody rules

In Maryland and many other states, child custody orders are meant to be neutral in regards to gender. However, mothers tend to be granted custody after a couple divorces. If noncustodial parents fail to pay child support, they could be jailed or charged interest on the balance in arrears. One man claimed that he owed $680,000 in back support at an interest rate of 9 percent.

How to avoid expensive financial mistakes during divorce

For people in Maryland, divorce can be both emotionally and financially costly. Being aware ahead of time of some of the pitfalls can help a person avoid them. For example, some people may think they will feel better if they spend money on a big, expensive item. They might temporarily improve their mood, but they will then need to pay the bills.