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Personality traits that could endanger a marriage

Certain personality traits may increase the likelihood that Maryland spouse will get a divorce. For example, one problem trait is materialism. A spouse who constantly wants to buy more could put their marriage in danger. Catastrophizing is also a dangerous personality trait. This involves blowing small things out of proportion.

Other personality indicators are not quite as obvious. Caregiving seems like a good trait, but someone who does it to excess can create problems in their marriage. It can be a way for them to assert control over a partner. Avoiding arguments may also lead to issues. If a couple never addresses points of conflict, they will never get resolved.

A spouse who has a fragile ego may be more motivated by external rather than internal influences, including attention from other people. This means a fragile ego could lead to infidelity. Similarly, narcissism can be a serious problem in a marriage. Narcissistic individuals tend to see themselves as victims and will not take responsibility for their actions.

Some of these personality traits can make it difficult to negotiate property division and child custody in a divorce. However, attempting to negotiate an agreement is generally better than going through litigation. An attorney may be able to help a client understand the possibilities for property division, child custody and spousal support. There are many strategies for approaching negotiation and litigation. One parent may feel that because the other partner was selfish or materialistic, the child should not spend time with that parent. However, judges usually take the position that children should have a relationship with both parents.

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