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Factors that frequently contribute to decision to divorce

The reasons that Maryland couples decide to end their marriages vary but sometimes depend on people's backgrounds. Relationship quality exerts a large influence, but personal histories can also alter the odds of a person choosing to get a divorce. For example, research has identified children of divorced parents as being at a higher risk of divorce. Daughters of divorced parents experience a 60 percent greater likelihood of dissolving their marriages than people raised by married parents. The divorce risk rises by 35 percent for sons of divorced parents.

Other studies have determined that second marriages face greater obstacles. Previously divorced people entering new marriages have divorce rates 2.5 times higher than divorce rates for first marriages. Marital satisfaction among women plays an important role as well. Husbands tend to judge their marital happiness based on their wives' contentment with the relationship.

Gray divorce represents another trend as older couples have become the fastest growing source of divorces. Although shorter remarriages among older people have a higher chance of ending, long-term marriages that have endured for decades have been ending as well. Among people age 50 and over, the divorce rate has doubled since 1990. Couples with spouses age 65 and above now have triple the divorce rate compared to earlier decades.

Although older couples are increasingly splitting up, divorce still strikes people in all age groups. Younger spouses often need to sort out issues about child custody when they get a divorce. An attorney could advise a person about parental rights and provide information about the distinctions between sole and joint custody.

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