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Agreements could make a divorce easier

Marriages in Maryland and throughout the country tend to fail because of issues related to money and a lack of communication. However, creating a prenuptial agreement may make it possible to improve communication and help a couple be more transparent about their finances. It will also lay the groundwork as to how property is divided and whether either party is entitled to spousal support in the event of a divorce.

A prenuptial agreement is beneficial because it allows for potentially contentious issues to be resolved before the wedding takes place. This may make it easier to create an agreement that is based more on facts and logic and less on emotion. Prenuptial agreements can benefit anyone who is getting married whether they are doing so for the first time or have been married previously. If a couple is unable to put together a prenuptial agreement, there is still time to create a similar agreement after the wedding.

A post-nuptial agreement may be entered into at any point after a couple is married. It may be worth pursuing if a couple's financial circumstances change or if there is an asset that a person needs to protect for any reason. In some cases, creating these agreements can make a marriage stronger and make it less likely that it ends in divorce.

Individuals who plan on getting a divorce may experience a variety of emotions such as anger, stress or anxiety. With a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement in place, it may be easier to dissolve a marriage in a timely manner. An attorney may review such an agreement to determine if it is still valid. If it is not, it may be necessary to renegotiate its terms through mediation or in a courtroom.

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