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September 2018 Archives

Agreements could make a divorce easier

Marriages in Maryland and throughout the country tend to fail because of issues related to money and a lack of communication. However, creating a prenuptial agreement may make it possible to improve communication and help a couple be more transparent about their finances. It will also lay the groundwork as to how property is divided and whether either party is entitled to spousal support in the event of a divorce.

Factors that frequently contribute to decision to divorce

The reasons that Maryland couples decide to end their marriages vary but sometimes depend on people's backgrounds. Relationship quality exerts a large influence, but personal histories can also alter the odds of a person choosing to get a divorce. For example, research has identified children of divorced parents as being at a higher risk of divorce. Daughters of divorced parents experience a 60 percent greater likelihood of dissolving their marriages than people raised by married parents. The divorce risk rises by 35 percent for sons of divorced parents.

A divorce affects you in many ways: Be prepared for the changes

Before you go to your attorney to seek a divorce, there are some things that you should know. Understanding what a divorce entails before you begin may help you decide if it is truly what you want. In some cases, realizing how much can be lost can give some people a push toward working to save the marriage or toward going to mediation before a divorce. In any case, there are several things you should know before you decide to file.

Net worth a factor in how couples resolve their divorces

Couples in Maryland and throughout the country who choose to get divorced may be less likely to fight if they are worth at least $5 million. This is according to a divorce attorney based on his experience as opposed to any objective data. However, he believes that those who have less than $5 million aren't secure enough to not attempt to claim it as theirs.

How abuse impacts a child custody case

Each year, 3 million children throughout Maryland and the rest of the country will witness an act of domestic violence. If either a child or adult is abused, it could be used as grounds for divorce. A court will then need to decide whether the abuser or the victim will have custody of the child. Ultimately, the court will need to do what it feels is in the best interests of the child.