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June 2018 Archives

The facts about how long it may take to finalize a divorce

It's only natural for anybody in Maryland seeking a divorce to wonder how long the process may take. There is no straightforward answer since many factors will play a role in what's involved with the process. However, there are some basic guidelines that can be used to get a general idea of what to expect. For instance, a couple with no kids and very little assets may have to do nothing more than file the necessary paperwork. This type of divorce could be over as soon as the waiting period is through.

Retirement benefits for keeping the home in a divorce

Many Maryland couples who are considering divorce or going through the process might be surprised to hear financial experts recommend that it is best to get rid of the family home. For many people, the family home has strong emotional ties that are hard to break. According to financial experts, the home might be a burden at the beginning of life after divorce, particularly if the owner is struggling to make the mortgage payments.

3 myths about father's rights that need to be debunked

There are sadly many myths about father's rights that make them feel they're in a bad position, even though they may actually have the same rights as the mother. Many men believe they have no chance of winning custody or getting a fair share of visitation upon divorce. They think the court is biased and that they have everything to lose.

Potentially interruptions caused by a divorce

While Maryland residents may believe that their relationship is over when they file for divorce, that isn't necessarily the case. A person might be required to keep his or her former spouse on a health insurance policy. It is also likely that an individual won't be able to cancel an auto insurance policy or other coverage that both spouses have jointly. Former spouses may also need to live with each other temporarily until they can afford to live on their own.

Child support debt accrues while a parent is unemployed

A child support order is typically based on the wages of both parents when the order goes into effect. If the parent paying support loses their job, there are a couple of options available to them. It's important for Maryland parents to understand that their obligation doesn't stop while they are unemployed. Being proactive may help a noncustodial parent avoid the consequences associated with nonpayment.