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Parenting after divorce requires cooperation

Divorcing Maryland parents are generally more concerned about the welfare of their children than any other issue. The court system requires a parenting plan, which typically details specifics regarding child visitation and financial support. It also designates who will be in charge of major decisions regarding the children's medical and educational paths. While the parenting plan provides a broad outline, much is left to the parents regarding how they interact with each other and the children. Psychologists and therapists have formed a general consensus about how parents should deal with children in the aftermath of divorce.

Honest communication between children and the noncustodial parent is key to a healthy relationship. Since children sometimes blame themselves for the divorce, parents should provide a safe place for communication and give assurances in this area. People should strive to maintain as much consistency as possible for the children in relation to the pre-divorce life as well as the residences of each parent. Rules should be consistent at each home, and parents should carefully avoid guilt-based indulgences for kids. A person should never disparage his or her ex, and if a child does, he or she should be given a safe space without the parent offering an opinion. Physical well-being is paramount, but, if possible, people should encourage their children to have relationships with their other parents, even if they are resistant.

A united parenting front is essential, and parents should discuss disciplinary matters away from the children. Parents must pay attention to their children's behavior and avoid putting the kids in the middle of disagreements. Similarly, using children to find out details regarding the activities of an ex is unhealthy. Children accurately view themselves as being a mix of both parents, so anything derogatory regarding one parent can be interpreted as derogatory to them.

Parenting and child custody issues are emotional and difficult. Consulting a qualified divorce and spousal support lawyer can help clarify best practices for divorcing parents.

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