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Why January is a popular month for divorce

Every year, lots of couples start the new year in Maryland by filing for divorce. Legal experts theorize that spouses want to wait until after the holidays to separate. For those with children, it can be difficult to talk about divorce during Christmastime.

Another reason why January is a popular for divorce filings is that many people see the start of the new year as a time for planning ahead. Some will re-evaluate their relationships while making New Year's resolutions and thinking about what other changes to make.

Before the new year, people may be distracted from the prospect of divorce because of the festivities that come with the gift-giving season. Other spouses find that the holidays are emotionally difficult, and this makes them begin thinking about divorce. This is especially true for spouses who were already facing difficulties in the marriage.

Spouses who are considering filing for divorce may wish to consult a family law attorney. It is a good idea for each spouse to consult legal counsel separately because an attorney is obligated to zealously advocate for one client's best interests. Many cases settle out of court, and it is possible to come to an agreement on issues like child support, parenting plans and property division without enduring an agonizing legal battle in the courtroom.

In cases where spouses cannot agree on a divorce settlement, a hearing may be necessary. An attorney might be able to help clients present testimony to obtain what they are seeking in the divorce. For a client who is asking for alimony, a lawyer could try to argue that it should be awarded based on the length of the marriage, the other spouse's ability to pay and differences in earning capacity between the two spouses.

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