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January 2018 Archives

Health insurance may be a forgotten issue in divorce

Divorcing Maryland couples have a lot of legal issues on their plates such as deciding on child custody and support, alimony, who gets the house and how to divide other marital property. The last thing on their minds is probably health insurance coverage.

Support team and honesty aid people during a divorce

Many Maryland residents have had the experience of going through a divorce, but each one represented a unique set of personal circumstances. Because ending a marriage naturally creates a divisive and emotional atmosphere, people could benefit by surrounding themselves with supportive friends and advisers and by being honest with themselves and others.

Legislative changes favor shared custody

Maryland parents going through divorce and child custody issues are increasingly looking toward shared custody. Also called co-parenting, it involves each parent sharing approximately 50 percent of custody time. While modern courts tend to look on shared custody favorably, a number of legislators are hoping to make it a legal presumption, even in cases where parents disagree.

Why January is a popular month for divorce

Every year, lots of couples start the new year in Maryland by filing for divorce. Legal experts theorize that spouses want to wait until after the holidays to separate. For those with children, it can be difficult to talk about divorce during Christmastime.

How going through a divorce can affect credit

While filing for divorce in Maryland will not automatically cause credit scores to fall, the separation process can make it more difficult for exes to borrow in the future. Divorce can affect credit in several ways, but many of the negative consequences may be avoided if spouses make decisions based on sound advice and are realistic about their financial situations.