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People may use gig work to evade child support

Gig work is becoming increasingly popular in Maryland. Many people are turning to online platforms to supplement their incomes or to serve as their sole incomes. While the gig economy has provided an alternative means for people to earn a living, some people who are trying to evade their child support obligations are using gig work to their advantage.

In a majority of child support cases, the payments are collected through withholding orders. These orders direct employers to take out the amounts of the court-ordered child support and to send them to the state for the payment of the obligations. Workers who perform contract work within the gig economy may be harder to track, however, and states may have trouble finding where they are working. In some cases, the workers will have moved on to other jobs by the time the state uncovers the platforms through which they previously obtained work.

While some states mandate that all companies report their new hires, including contractors, others do not. Even in states that require the companies to report their contractors, the companies do not always comply. The states are reticent to come down hard on the companies because they depend on them to collect child support on their behalf.

People who try to evade child support may end up facing multiple consequences. Custodial parents who are owed child support might want to talk to experienced family lawyers. The attorneys may file motions to hold the non-paying parents in contempt of the courts' child support orders. They may also work to uncover all of the sources of income so that the amounts that are due might be collected. Child support is for the benefit of children, and both parents should contribute to their upbringing. Parents who evade child support may be forced to serve jail sentences, and the debt amounts will not go away.

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