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Children, divorce and narcissistic ex-spouses

Some Maryland parents might have to deal with a narcissistic co-parent after a divorce, and this can be harmful to their children. One way parents can respond is by offering their children stability and unconditional love. They may also want to consult a professional if the situation is adversely affecting the children.

This was the case for one woman whose three children suffered emotional upheaval in the weeks after an incident caused by her ex-spouse. Two of the three children also missed school with stress-related illnesses after the mother was accused of abusing her children although an investigation found the charges were unfounded. Her ordeal began when she was sent an email from her husband stating that the children were afraid to come her house. She initially dismissed it since it was not very different from things he had done before particularly with a court action looming. She had just filed to force him to pay support.

Then she learned of the accusations he had shared with child protective services as well as his attorney and the children's school. The children had spent equal time with each of them since the divorce, and she had to face the possibility that her access might be cut off completely. Finally, police came to her children's school to inform them that regardless of what their father said, they would go home with her.

Unfortunately, in some cases, a parent may have no choice but to turn to the court system and law enforcement to make sure the other parent follows the custody agreement.A parent is not permitted to disrupt visitation plans by moving away with the children and may require court approval for relocation. Parents who feel access to their children is being blocked may want to speak to an attorney to see what recourse might be available to them.

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