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Wintertime blues: The season for divorce

Winter sends chills down the spines of many, but not always because of the cold. Winter is one of the busiest times for attorneys dealing with divorce cases. Thanks to a variety of factors, the winter is known as one of the most common times to begin considering divorce.

Divorces are primarily filed in August and March. The spike in divorces during those months are attributed cold temperatures, wanting to avoid trouble during the holidays and having to prepare for children to go back to school in the fall or after winter break.

Why do people file for divorce in such specific timeframes?

Here's an example of why these months have a bad rap. In the summer, parents don't have to worry about taking kids to school or to many activities. As a result, they have time to move, go through a divorce and to finalize it before their children have to go back to school. That way, if they have to transfer schools, the kids don't start a new year and get pulled out after they've just begun.

Comparatively, many people also file in March because of lackluster or stressful holidays. Between September and February, there are at least seven holidays, all of which have the potential to leave spouses angry or frustrated with their relationships.

The beginning of a new year spurs divorces, too. Symbolically, the new year encourages people to start anew, and for some, that means getting a divorce.

Psychologists believe other factors, like the amount of daylight or temperatures could play a role. In winter, people are less likely to act, but in warmer months, like in March when the weather starts to clear, people begin to become more active and get ready to make changes in their lives.

If you're planning a divorce, you may have noticed one or some of these factors playing a role in your case. It's more common around all holidays, whether it's Valentine's Day or Halloween. You're not alone in your decision, and there is help available.

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