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Custody and co-parenting tips for fathers

Maryland fathers who are seeking custody or visitation time with their children after a divorce might want to think about what they will request and why. Being able to clearly articulate a reason why a certain plan for custody is the best one will be important whether the father needs to persuade the other parent in negotiations or a judge during litigation. The plan should take the work schedules of the parents into account, but ultimately, it must also be in the best interests of the child.

Parents who are divorcing must also work out a parenting plan. Setting clear boundaries about parents' responsibilities may keep them out of court later. Things that can be addressed in the plan include how parents will communicate about matters such as the child's health and education, which parent will get the child on special occasions and who is responsible for certain extracurricular activities.

Parents should also keep in mind that the plan needs provisions for change over time. For example, the child's needs will change as the child gets older. Furthermore, changes might need to be made if one or both parents remarries. This could include changes in dropping off and picking up the child for visitation if the exchanges normally happen at home and the new spouse is uncomfortable with the arrangement.

If parents cannot reach an agreement about custody whether through negotiations or mediation, they will likely have to go to court. A judge often awards custody to the parent who is the primary caregiver. Therefore, if a father wants custody or joint custody, he may want to demonstrate evidence of his parenting role. This could include showing that he has attended the child's extracurricular activities as well as taken the child to the doctor and gone to school meetings.

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