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Studies show the effects of online dating

Maryland couples who met through a dating service might be encouraged by some findings from research into the effect online dating has had on marriage, divorce and relationships. According to various studies, couples who met online may be happier and less likely to break up. Additionally, some researchers believe that online dating could benefit society by bringing more people together who are of different social classes, thereby helping to reduce prejudices.

The popularity of online dating as a way to meet potential romantic partners has soared since the first Apple iPhone was released in 2007. Today, online dating is the second most popular way for heterosexual couples to meet and the most popular way for homosexual couples to meet. Though many think online dating leads to brief encounters and may even destroy old-fashioned romance, the statistics tell a different story. More than one-third of marriages today started online.

Research from 2013 showed that couples who met online reported more marital satisfaction than couples who met in more traditional ways. Couples who met online were also less likely to break up. Researchers from Europe who reported their findings in October say that interracial couples or couples from different social circles are more likely to emerge from online dating, and that could be good for society. But one researcher warns that there could also be a downside to online dating as it relates to prejudice. She points to the ability to search dating sites for specific types of people, and says that some people may use this type of search to eliminate potential mates based on race, social class or other factors. She also worries that online dating could encourage individuals to constantly seek a variety of partners and decrease the desire for commitment.

No matter how couples meet, a marriage always has the potential to end. This results in a need for people to consider a variety of divorce legal issues, and they might want to have the advice of a family law attorney when negotiating a settlement agreement.

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