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Serious issues that may lead to divorce

Some Maryland residents might wonder whether they should try to keep working on their marriage or seek to end it. While people may want to keep a marriage together for the sake of the children or for other reasons, there are some instances in which filing for divorce might be necessary.

For example, while divorce creates upheaval for children that parents would like to avoid, constant conflict in a marriage can as well. If children notice this, it can set a bad example for them. In some cases, the marriage may even be abusive. Emotional and verbal abuse are damaging just as physical abuse is, but some people may not recognize how dangerous the abuse can be until it is turned on their children. These may be reasons to seek a divorce.

A person married to someone who has an untreated addiction might want to consider divorce as well. An example might be a case in which a person is arrested multiple times for driving under the influence. Each time, the person might talk about wanting to change and even enter treatment, but before long, the same behavior happens again. This person's spouse may decide the marriage cannot continue.

The reasons for divorce may play a part in how child custody is decided. For example, while courts usually try to ensure that a child is able to build a relationship with both parents after a divorce, if the child's well-being is at stake with an abusive or addicted parent, that parent may only get supervised visitation. Furthermore, if there is a great deal of conflict, the couple may not be able to negotiate property division and other divorce legal issues outside of court. A couple relinquishes some control over the outcome when they go to litigation, but in some cases, it may be necessary.

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