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Do you know what you want out of your divorce?

When you realize that divorce is at the door, it is normal to enter survival mode and begin thinking about how to get through the tough process ahead. However, many people facing divorce do not know exactly what they want to get out of it.

Divorce is more or less a business relationship ending, and just like a business, ending it requires splitting up the assets and the liabilities that the business held within it. If you and your spouse are headed to divorce, then you should consider carefully which assets, liabilities or privileges are most important to you.

The fact of the matter is that no one gets everything in a divorce unless some party makes a series of decisions that are legally difficult to justify. In nearly every divorce case, each party leaves with some of the marriage's assets and some of its liabilities, if there are any. This process can be straightforward, civil and respectful, if you allow it.

Before you can achieve your divorce goals, it is wise to determine exactly what they are. If you are not sure you understand all the options available in your divorce, you can consult with an experienced attorney. An attorney can help you understand the full scope of the process, and guide you to a strong strategy that focuses on your priorities.

Do you know what your marital property includes?

Some people are not sure what exactly is up for grabs in a divorce. What about the land that your parents left you? What about her 401k? What about my business? In the absence of a prenuptial agreement that lays out how to approach property division, these and many more questions need answering.

If something is marital property, which means that both you and your spouse have a claim to it, then you'll have to reach an agreement about how to fairly divide it up. Often, property division can prove a surprisingly emotional experience. You may find that you are particularly attached to some property over others, and this may cloud your judgement about what is best long-term.

You may have to divide up retirement assets, a business, real estate holdings, investments, and even collections and creative works ownership. Divorce is often much more far reaching than people realize at first.

Before you throw away something you'll regret or focus on keeping one asset over everything else, be sure that you seek out wise legal counsel.

Building a strategy for your next chapter

With professional legal counsel, you can help ensure that your divorce does take you along for a ride. Instead, you can get in the driver's seat and build a personal, professional strategy to reach your specific goals. Don't wait to take action to secure your future after this difficult chapter concludes.

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