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The need for shared parenting for working moms

Maryland parents may not know that Canada has a much higher ratio of women working than the United States. There are a variety of reasons for this, but one may be the way that child custody decisions are made by divorce courts. Historically, courts in the majority of cases have awarded sole or primary physical custody to mothers.

While this may seem like a victory to the mother, it also confines her to traditional homemaker roles. Certainly, this could place undue limits on a woman's ability to advance at work and assume more responsibility. However, with more American women entering the workforce, there is a greater need to make shared custody a more normalized outcome following a divorce.

Shared parenting can provide a much-needed solution to working mothers. By allowing children to spend equal time with both parents, mothers are able to take advantage of opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. This arrangement has also been shown to be beneficial to the children and their fathers as well. Research has often shown that children need to spend time with both parents, and it offers the chance to build and protect bonds with both the mother and the father. The idea of shared custody is gaining ground in the United States. Some states have passed laws that support shared parenting, and legislators in other states are considering this type of a law.

Going through a child custody dispute can be a devastating time for both the parents and the children. Emotions run high and can influence decisions which will affect the entire family for years to come. Seeking the advice of an experienced child custody attorney could be advisable.

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