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Planning for recurring child-related expenses

In Maryland, many divorce cases involve parents who share children. When parents are planning to divorce, they may want to think about who will be responsible to pay for the children's expenses for things such as returning to school and extracurricular activities. By including these types of issues in parenting plans, the exes may avoid future disagreements.

When a child is getting ready to go back to school, the parents will need to purchase many items. Children may need new clothing, shoes, coats and more in addition to their school supplies. These costs can quickly add up, leading to arguments between the parents about paying for them.

If there is no agreement about how these expenses will be handled, the parents may want to base a solution around the custody and support arrangement they have. If they share custody equally, both parents should contribute financially to the back-to-school expenses. If one parent has primary custody and receives child support, that parent should shoulder the associated costs since child support is meant to pay for these types of expenses.

Many of these types of small disputes can be avoided if parenting plans are detailed and comprehensive. When parents are working with their family law attorneys to create their proposed parenting plans, they might want to anticipate different issues that could come up. If they take the time to think about different scenarios that might happen, they can address how they will be handled within their plans. This could help the parents maintain a more equanimous relationship with each other in the best interests of their children.

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