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Establishing rules for separate households

Maryland parents who are ending their marriage will need to discuss how to proceed with their parenting plan. Most parents want to give their children as much stability and security as possible when the family structure changes so drastically and one way to provide this is by establishing rules that will be effect in both parents' homes. This provides constancy and normalcy for children who are already dealing with the major changes a divorce brings.

The parenting plan is usually part of the child custody agreement, but to reach an accord, it is really important for parents to meet face-to-face and talk. While this can be uncomfortable, parents should remember that establishing similar rules in both homes is in the best interest of the children involved, as having two sets of rules that are polar opposites to each other might just lead to the children being confused and even emotionally hurt.

Parents can also choose to have a mediator help them through the process as a mediator can gently guide parents towards an agreement. During the negotiations, parents should also remember that sometimes they need to give in order to get something, meaning that they should be ready to allow for certain things their ex considers important in order to have their ex do the same for them.

As part of figuring out the new normal of two homes, parents might also take advantage of the variety of parenting classes available through the courts and other organizations. If all attempts at peaceful negotiations do not work out, parents can then go to court and have a judge make the decision. However, family law attorneys will advise their clients that sometimes neither party will like the court's ruling.

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