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Divorce rates can be correlated with job choices

A Maryland couple's likelihood of divorce could be related to their jobs, research has found. Using statistics from the 2015 American Community Survey, researchers looked at which jobs have higher rates of divorce. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people with careers involving nightlife or a large amount of travel have some of the highest divorce rates in the country.

On the other hand, software engineers, physicians, actuaries and scientists tend to have lower rates of divorce. While many of these careers are known for their professionalism and efficiency, they are also higher-income fields that can lead to reduced stress about money and spending. Overall, the data indicated that average higher incomes are tied to a reduced divorce rate, perhaps because disputes over finances are reduced when there is less financial pressure on a couple.

The two professions with the highest rate of divorce were bartenders and gaming managers, both jobs that can come with shifting schedules and extensive nighttime work. In general, these are not exceptionally high-paying jobs, and they may be accompanied by uncertainty about schedules and reliability.

In addition, jobs in travel and transportation, such as flight attendants, also have high rates of divorce. These jobs are accompanied by significant amounts of separate time due to mandatory travel. Especially when combined with raising a family, separation can put major stress on marriage and family life.

Financial struggles can be one of the most significant elements leading toward divorce or separation. For people who are considering divorce, it can be very important to consult with a family lawyer to prepare for the dissolution of a marriage. Those financial stresses can be reflected once more in asset distribution and property division during a divorce, so it's important that even couples divorcing amicably seek legal representation in order to help ensure a successful process with minimal stress.

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