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September 2017 Archives

Tax considerations for couples getting divorced

A number of things can change after divorce. One factor that people don't often think about is how their tax situation will be different when they are no longer married. Understanding the changes that are likely to happen could help couples in Maryland avoid mistakes that might cost them a lot of money.

Divorce rates can be correlated with job choices

A Maryland couple's likelihood of divorce could be related to their jobs, research has found. Using statistics from the 2015 American Community Survey, researchers looked at which jobs have higher rates of divorce. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people with careers involving nightlife or a large amount of travel have some of the highest divorce rates in the country.

When going through a divorce, keep your eye on the prize

The divorce process is never easy. This is especially true when it comes to handling custody issues, alimony needs, and separating extensive property. For example, if you own real estate in Annapolis or the surrounding area, other than your main residence, you could be facing a long and drawn out process.

Establishing rules for separate households

Maryland parents who are ending their marriage will need to discuss how to proceed with their parenting plan. Most parents want to give their children as much stability and security as possible when the family structure changes so drastically and one way to provide this is by establishing rules that will be effect in both parents' homes. This provides constancy and normalcy for children who are already dealing with the major changes a divorce brings.

The need for shared parenting for working moms

Maryland parents may not know that Canada has a much higher ratio of women working than the United States. There are a variety of reasons for this, but one may be the way that child custody decisions are made by divorce courts. Historically, courts in the majority of cases have awarded sole or primary physical custody to mothers.

Planning for recurring child-related expenses

In Maryland, many divorce cases involve parents who share children. When parents are planning to divorce, they may want to think about who will be responsible to pay for the children's expenses for things such as returning to school and extracurricular activities. By including these types of issues in parenting plans, the exes may avoid future disagreements.