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What can a divorce provide for families?

When Maryland couples decide to divorce, there are usually many issues that have led to the decision. While divorce cannot resolve all of the conflicts between the spouses, there are certain things it can do.

First, if the couple have children, the divorce will also involve them. Matters of child custody and visitation are settled during the process. While judges have the best interests of the child in the forefront when deciding these matters, for some couples it might be best to negotiate before they get to court, since judges will also have a limited view of the particular issues of each family. Divorce is also used to establish spousal and child support. Though there is legislation that somewhat standardizes child support in each state, negotiation is also common. Finally, the division of marital assets takes place. Maryland is an equitable distribution state, which means that if the couple can not agree on this matter on their own, a court will make the decision on the basis of what it deems to be fair, which is not necessarily equal.

Divorce, however, cannot settle all the issues that arise between splitting couples. To begin, the range of emotions experienced by the parties cannot be controlled when the papers are signed. This means that being able to get along civilly is not a given after a divorce. Similarly, the style and standard of living that the spouses enjoyed before the split cannot be guaranteed.

There are ways to come to an accord on these matters without having to have a judge make the decisions. Many couples are able to negotiate a settlement agreement with the help of their respective attorneys.

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