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Divorce rates high among military personnel

Military families in Maryland could be at increased risk of divorce according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics. First-line enlisted military supervisors, who coordinate enlisted military personnel activities and lead operations, have the highest divorce rates according to the census data.

The top 10 professions to face divorce included three military jobs. All ranks of people in the military were the most likely to face divorce by age 30. In addition, 30 was the average age of divorce for all people.

Military professions can be very stressful for a marriage. The dangers posed by military careers can put a strain on relationships as can the lengthy separations created by deployments. Time spent away has been shown to be reflected in growing divorce rates, and demanding professions generally are difficult for marriage. People who have been deployed have higher divorce rates across the armed services. In addition, many people in the military marry at younger ages than average, and military couples often must move frequently for work. Mental health issues and PTSD can also take a toll on military marriages. However, even beyond the scope of the military, career and financial stress can take some of the biggest tolls on a marriage.

More older couples are heading toward divorce in general. However, these divorces can often be accompanied with difficulties over assets, retirement and other financial issues. A family law attorney can often be of assistance in helping a divorcing client to negotiate a settlement agreement that covers property division in addition to other applicable legal issues that might be applicable.

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