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Divorce and common misconceptions

Some Maryland couples who are getting a divorce may not realize that they cannot save money by using the same attorney. An attorney can only represent one party in such a proceeding. Another common misconception is that child support is easy to determine. While there are state child support guidelines and calculators available, a number of factors may be involved in this calculation ranging from how income is determined to taking expenses into account.

Dividing some property may be more complicated than some people realize. For example, if one person decides to let the spouse have the home, both will still owe money on the mortgage. It might be necessary to include provisions in the divorce settlement that address one spouse's responsibility for any debts. A pension is generally not protected in a divorce, and if the couple divides one, they will need a document known as a qualified domestic relations order.

Finally, parents who are getting a divorce should not confuse shielding their child from the consequences of the divorce with shutting down any discussion of the divorce altogether. It is important for parents to try to avoid arguing with the other parent in front of the child, but they should also communicate openly with the child about the divorce to prevent the anxiety a child who has too little information may feel.

A person who is considering filing for divorce might want to talk to an attorney about property division and, if applicable, child custody and support. An attorney may be able to explain potential scenarios and address a client's concerns. For example, if the client is concerned about getting primary physical custody of the child, it may be possible to discuss what strategies might lead to this outcome.

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