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July 2017 Archives

Tired of fighting? Here's how to resolve conflicts during divorce

Those who have gone through divorce know that even under the best circumstances, there's likely to be an argument or two. Maybe one person is being stubborn or another is being vindictive. Whatever the reason, if there is a conflict you can't resolve, it's time to consider alternative options.

Divorce rates high among military personnel

Military families in Maryland could be at increased risk of divorce according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics. First-line enlisted military supervisors, who coordinate enlisted military personnel activities and lead operations, have the highest divorce rates according to the census data.

Divorce and common misconceptions

Some Maryland couples who are getting a divorce may not realize that they cannot save money by using the same attorney. An attorney can only represent one party in such a proceeding. Another common misconception is that child support is easy to determine. While there are state child support guidelines and calculators available, a number of factors may be involved in this calculation ranging from how income is determined to taking expenses into account.

Child custody issues can arise in unexpected situations

In Maryland, child custody issues can often arise at unexpected times and places. While many people associate custody with divorce, there are many types of concerns for families that could lead them to develop a custody plan for their children. One example that has been seen across the country is that of undocumented immigrants fearing detention and deportation.