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Seeking changes of custody

When Maryland parents of young children end their marriage, one person will normally be granted primary physical custody with the other parent being given visitations rights, although in some cases, shared custody is granted. Once custody is established, it may be changed if the circumstances of one or both parents change.

If someone is seeking to obtain custody, it may be a good idea to document interactions between the other parent as well as interactions between the child and the other parent. Indications that someone may want to seek a change in custody include children's behavior and emotions tending to be negative after interacting with the other parent or concerns for a child's well-being when with the other parent.

These issues will normally need to be brought up in court, so it's a good idea for people to record dates, times and specifics about negative interactions. Individuals should be as detailed as possible, and they should keep a daily journal so they do not forget important facts.

Physical custody isn't the only thing that can change after it has been negotiated by the parents or ordered by a judge. People may also be able to successfully obtain a child support modification if the circumstances of the parent paying for support change significantly. If a parent who pays support obtains a large raise or gets a better-paying job, a custodial parent might want to seek an increase in the amount. A lawyer could explain the process and what changes in circumstances may allow for a child support modification.

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