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How to keep children safe from violence

Estranged Maryland parents who believe that their children have witnessed domestic violence are urged to make mention of that during child custody proceedings. The accusations are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. If a noncustodial parent already has custody of his or her child prior to the allegations being made in court, those visitation rights may be suspended or modified. For instance, visitation may be allowed only if it supervised.

However, it is possible that a parent's rights to see his or her child could be revoked or dependent on taking anger management or parenting classes. The type of decision that a judge makes depends on many factors including the severity and frequency of the abuse, when it occurred and if there is any physical evidence of recent abuse.

An abuse victim who is an immigrant may be allowed to stay in the country as the case is reviewed. In some cases, abusers will use the victim's immigration status as a means to keep that person silent. They may threaten to contact United States immigration services in an effort to scare his or her victim. As a general rule, anyone who is an abuse victim is urged to leave the relationship and contact authorities.

Those who feel as if their children have been harmed by events of physical abuse may wish to talk to an attorney. It may be possible for legal counsel to help a parent get a modification to an existing custody order that may restrict an abuser's parental rights. It may also be possible for a parent to get an emergency order that may revoke all of a noncustodial parent's rights until an investigation can be conducted into the issue.

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