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When parents agree to end child support payments

In some cases, Maryland parents who are separated might jointly decide that the one paying child support no longer needs to do so. The position of the court is that parents have an obligation to support their children, and even if one parent does not request child support, it might be ordered. However, one parent cannot simply stop paying support.

If the reason for stopping support is that the parents have reunited, this process is fairly straightforward. One or both parents will probably need to go to family court to explain why support is no longer needed. Other reasons for parents agreeing to stop support could be because of a change in the financial situation of either parent. The parent receiving support might come into an inheritance or get a new job and decide they no longer need support, or the person paying support might run into financial hardship and the other parent may want to help by putting an end to support.

Since courts are reluctant to suspend child support on the grounds that receiving it is in the child's best interests, parents should be prepared to present evidence that the child support is no longer needed. They can initiate the process by filing paperwork at the courthouse.

Parents who are going through a divorce may be concerned about what will happen with child support and child custody. Child support, which is usually paid to the custodial parent, is calculated using a formula that takes the income of both parents into account as well as other expenses, such as child care. Some parents may be able to negotiate with one another and come to an agreement about whether they will share custody or if one will have primary physical custody. If parents cannot come to an agreement, they may have to go to go to court and have a judge decide.

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