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Reducing the emotional fallout for children during a divorce

The end of a marriage can be difficult for Maryland couples, but it can be even more so when they have children. Studies show that divorce has lasting effects on kids no matter what their age. To help reduce the emotional fallout, parents should try to live together until the divorce is finalized, and if that is not possible, they should set up a temporary visitation schedule.

When a couple decides to call it quits, the first impulse may be to have one person move out. If there are kids involved, it may be a good idea for the couple to attempt to stick it out until the divorce is complete. Kids may benefit from having more regular family time, and it could help to ease the transition to living with just one parent.

If an estranged couple is not able to live together, for whatever reason, it's a good idea to set up a visitation plan that will last until the process is over and custody has been decided. This will reduce arguments about where kids will stay, and it will provide some stability for children during the interim.

Along with determining issues related to child custody, divorces will also involve making a number of decisions about a couple's assets. People will need to determine how they should split up their assets and if one person should pay alimony or child support. These matters can sometimes be resolved through negotiations led by the couple's respective family law attorneys. In other cases, mediation could be a good alternative to litigation, and it could be easier on the children as well.

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