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Establishing paternity or terminating it, an attorney can help

As a father, you have certain rights. For example, you can fight to prove paternity or you can challenge it. You can also fight against the mother giving your child up for adoption. There are any number of actions you can take to either claim your rights as a parent or prove that you have no obligation toward the child in question.

The legal proceedings for taking one of the actions above can be complicated. This is where an attorney comes into play. Whether you are fighting to prove you are the father or trying to get visitation, a Maryland fathers' rights attorney can help.

Establishing paternity

When you set forth to prove that you are the legal father of a child, you are establishing paternity. Securing your rights as a father is an important step if you are fighting for custody and visitation or trying to stop an adoption. It is important for the child because he or she will benefit in the form of health care, inheritance and support. An attorney can help you fill out and file the necessary paperwork to prove you are the father.

Adoption issues

In order to fight against adoption proceedings, you will have to prove you are the father by establishing paternity in the eyes of the court. However, keep in mind that the court can abolish your rights as a father on grounds of abandonment, incompetence, or if you did contribute to the support of the child at any time. Furthermore, if there is evidence of abuse or neglect, the court will terminate your rights. An experienced attorney will walk you through the process so that you can either fight the adoption or give your legal consent.

Voluntary and involuntary termination

A court can terminate your rights as a parent either with your consent (voluntary) or without it (involuntary). If you wish to forgo your parental rights, an attorney can help you fill out and file the necessary forms.

If the mother of the child wants to keep you from having any rights, then an involuntary termination might occur. The court has the power to deny both parents any rights to the child if it is in the child's best interest. For example, if both parents are deemed unfit and an adoption is best for the child, the court will sever parental rights of both the mother and the father.

Whether you are trying to claim your parental rights or deny paternity, a fathers' rights attorney can help you through the process.

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