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March 2017 Archives

The positives and negatives of prenuptial agreements

When Maryland couples are discussing getting married, they should consider putting together prenuptial agreements. While some couples believe that these documents signify that their marriages will fail, most people actually use them to protect themselves, especially if one or both individuals are entering a marriage with significant assets.

Establishing paternity or terminating it, an attorney can help

As a father, you have certain rights. For example, you can fight to prove paternity or you can challenge it. You can also fight against the mother giving your child up for adoption. There are any number of actions you can take to either claim your rights as a parent or prove that you have no obligation toward the child in question.

When parents agree to end child support payments

In some cases, Maryland parents who are separated might jointly decide that the one paying child support no longer needs to do so. The position of the court is that parents have an obligation to support their children, and even if one parent does not request child support, it might be ordered. However, one parent cannot simply stop paying support.

Divorce rates increasing in those aged 50 and older

Maryland residents may be interested in recent data that has been released that show that divorce rates among adults age 50 and older have almost doubled since 1990. In 2015, 10 out of every 1,000 people age 50 and older were divorced. These 'gray divorces" may present a variety of unique legal challenges and consequences compared to divorces among younger couples.

Reducing the emotional fallout for children during a divorce

The end of a marriage can be difficult for Maryland couples, but it can be even more so when they have children. Studies show that divorce has lasting effects on kids no matter what their age. To help reduce the emotional fallout, parents should try to live together until the divorce is finalized, and if that is not possible, they should set up a temporary visitation schedule.