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Unpaid child support after adulthood

Maryland residents may be curious in learning more about how unpaid child support can be collected after age 18. Child support payments can provide valuable assistance for the raising of a child through his or her adolescence, and missed payments can cause a family significant financial hardship. Therefore, parents should be aware that any missed payments can potentially still be collected even after their children reach legal adulthood.

Government authorities typically have broad authority to enforce child support orders, and the fact that a child is over the age of 18 does not necessarily mean that these efforts will end. However, there are cases in which statutes of limitations can prevent the collection of unpaid child support after the age of 18. If too much time is allowed to elapse without renewing the order, it may no longer be possible to collect unpaid support.

Authorities have a number of different enforcement options at their disposal including wage garnishment, seizure of tax refunds and possibly even jail time. Child support payments must usually continue until their required balances have been paid in full. This means that a child reaching the age of maturity is most often not a reason for the payments to be discontinued, and child support cannot typically be discharged in bankruptcy. For these reasons, missed payments are still enforceable beyond a child turning 18 if the statute of limitations has not expired.

Someone who is having trouble collecting unpaid child support may wish to seek the assistance of an attorney in the matter. A lawyer may be able to review a client's specific circumstances to provide legal counsel tailored to the requirements of the case. In this way, it may be possible to secure a beneficial outcome and achieve the desired level of financial stability with respect to child support.

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