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These questions might spare your kids from worst of your divorce

Divorcing while you still have minor children living at home will almost always cause some sort of conflict between you and your future ex-husband. With two young sons at home, it is more than likely that your spouse will be more than willing to put up a lengthy fight in court unless the two you can work some kind of custody arrangement.

High-conflict divorce and custody battles can have a negative impact on your children. The advice of an Annapolis divorce attorney can help you navigate the complexities of the court system and your divorce settlement. However, before you take an uncompromising stand on custody, there are questions you should ask not only your future ex, but yourself as well.

Do you want to cause your children anxiety?

Months of court proceedings while you and your husband fight over the kids can cause your children to endure undue stress and anxiety. They will be worrying about where they will be living and what kind of future relationships they will have with each of you. They will also be wondering if they will still live in the same house together.

Do you want your child to be continuously questioned?

During a custody battle, child welfare and mental health professionals, along with your respective attorneys and court personnel, will be questioning your children. This could cause them to become frightened and conflicted. They may think that if they say the wrong thing, one you might get in trouble. In addition, they may feel pressured to be loyal to one of you over the other.

Do you want to risk causing psychological harm?

Studies have shown that intense conflict between parents can cause emotional disorders in your children. A long and difficult custody battle can do more harm than good in the end.

What kind of role model do you want to be?

A long and drawn-out court battle can make it seem like you are unable to resolve your differences. Addressing your divorce and custody issues in a calm and flexible manner can show your children that you can compromise.

Do you want a stranger deciding the future of your kids?

When you engage in a court battle instead coming to a custody agreement on your own, you and your children's father are letting a judge decide what is best for your kids. Deciding on a co-parenting and custody agreement outside of the courtroom will allow you and your ex stay in control of how your kids are parented.

Engaging in a custody battle can be very difficult and it requires an understanding of Maryland family law professional.

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