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January 2017 Archives

Unpaid child support after adulthood

Maryland residents may be curious in learning more about how unpaid child support can be collected after age 18. Child support payments can provide valuable assistance for the raising of a child through his or her adolescence, and missed payments can cause a family significant financial hardship. Therefore, parents should be aware that any missed payments can potentially still be collected even after their children reach legal adulthood.

These questions might spare your kids from worst of your divorce

Divorcing while you still have minor children living at home will almost always cause some sort of conflict between you and your future ex-husband. With two young sons at home, it is more than likely that your spouse will be more than willing to put up a lengthy fight in court unless the two you can work some kind of custody arrangement.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are officially divorced

Maryland residents may have seen headlines about the divorce of actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. After months of front-page stories discussing their split, the two were officially divorced on Jan. 13. The divorce was finalized in Los Angeles County Superior Court with an agreement that 53-year-old Depp pay 30-year-old Heard $7 million.

Putting children first in a divorce

Divorcing couples in Maryland and around the country sometimes find it difficult to avoid bitter arguments when discussions turn to sensitive topics like spousal support and asset division, but cooler heads usually prevail when children are involved and negotiations move on to custody and visitation arrangements. The traumatic impact that divorce can have on children is well understood, but these risks may be reduced if parents are able to move beyond their differences and concede that they both want what is best for their children and generally act with the very best of intentions.

Divorce and electronic information

It is not uncommon to see online activity and electronic information as factors in a demise of a marriage, but they can also have a role in divorce proceedings as well. Estranged Maryland couples should be aware that their electronic information, such as texts, emails, Facebook posts and tweets, may be used against them during a divorce.