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Finding a Maryland parent who owes child support

In most cases, a custodial parent of a child is entitled to financial support from the child's other parent after a divorce. However, even if people have obtained a court order, they may not receive the compensation they are owed. In these cases, the parents may need to locate the obligors so that they can obtain the financial assistance they require.

There are a few options open for people who do not know where the parent of their child is, and one of the first things that they should do is gather information about the individual who owes the support. Information like their full name and Social Security number and a copy of paperwork from the court ordering child support can all be helpful in tracking them down and getting them to pay the money that they owe.

There are systems in place that can help people find non-paying parents, and states work with the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement in this regard. State governments can garnish people's wages or rescind their driver's license if they fail to make these payments, and they are supposed to provide enforcement cooperation across state lines to enforce child support obligations.

Child support can be required either because the court orders it or because a support agreement was negotiated as part of a divorce. In some cases, noncustodial parents may have major changes in their lives that require an adjustment of the amount that they owe. Some examples are an unexpected layoff or a medical emergency. In such cases, the parent who is obligated to pay the support may want to meet with an attorney to see if seeking a modification of the order would be possible.

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