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Nicole Curtis in custody battles with son's father

People in Maryland who follow the HGTV show "Rehab Addict" may know that its star, Nicole Curtis, has a 1-year-old child. Curtis has been involved in court battles with the child's father, Shane Maguire, since he filed a paternity claim not long after the child's birth when Curtis still had sole custody. Curtis responded by requesting child support and payment for child care and birth costs.

When Maguire, a businessman, reported an income of less than $4,000 weekly, Curtis told the court that his actual income was $20,000 weekly. Maguire was required to begin paying support and part of the costs of the birth. He was also given weekend parenting time. Curtis then claimed Maguire was a bad parent who did not put their child in a car seat or dress him warmly enough when it was cold outside.

After an attempt to get the court records sealed, Curtis then requested permission to move to California with the child. The court agreed, but ruled that she would have to pay for Maguire to fly out for visitation. Maguire countered with a court filing not long after saying that Curtis was not allowing him to see the child on the visitation schedule that was set.

In a custody battle, both parents may be very emotional about making sure that they get ample time with their child. However, they should not allow this to prevent them from following custody orders and keeping the child from the other parent. Most courts think a child benefits from time with both parents unless there are extreme circumstances like domestic abuse. Parents who must make a change, such a relocation or a change in child support payments, must go through the court system.

Source: Radar Online, "Nicole Curtis Faces Off Against Estranged Baby Daddy In Bitter Custody Battle," Nov. 9, 2016

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