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November 2016 Archives

6 ways to keep domestic violence from ruining your holidays

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season for the final months of the year right on through the New Year. While for most families, the holidays are happy, convivial times shared with family and friends, for many others, the specter of domestic violence intrudes into an otherwise festive season.

Addressing student loans in a prenuptial agreement

Student loans represent a common form of debt for spouses in Maryland and throughout the U.S. In addition, many individuals decide to take out loans and go to school after getting married. Because laws assign responsibility for these loans depending on when a person gets married, careful consideration should be given to these obligations as well as the possibility of divorce. The negotiation of a prenuptial agreement could establish how student loans and other debts could be divided if the marriage ends.

Nicole Curtis in custody battles with son's father

People in Maryland who follow the HGTV show "Rehab Addict" may know that its star, Nicole Curtis, has a 1-year-old child. Curtis has been involved in court battles with the child's father, Shane Maguire, since he filed a paternity claim not long after the child's birth when Curtis still had sole custody. Curtis responded by requesting child support and payment for child care and birth costs.

Areas that child support may not address

Maryland parents who have gone through a divorce might consider music lessons to be an important part of their child's early life, but the family courts in the state might not view this experience as a necessity. Child support is intended to address the financial needs related to caring for the child after divorce, and the amount to be paid is typically computed based on the financial situations of the parents.

The financial impacts of divorce

When people plan to divorce in Maryland, it is important for them to understand how their finances may be affected by their divorces. Considering money-related factors in divorce can help spouses to plan accordingly.