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October 2016 Archives

Divorces and protective orders: What you need to know

In the best of circumstances, even an amicable divorce is stressful and emotional. If the situation is compounded by the fact that there has been some form of domestic abuse or threats of violence, things can get ugly, quickly. If you about to leave an abusive or threatening spouse, an attorney can help protect you and any children you might have. Statistically, the weeks and months after leaving an abuser are some of the most dangerous for the person leaving. As such, it may make sense, depending on your situation, to seek legal protection from any future attempts at violence by seeking out a protective order.

Changes may be ahead for inmates owing child support

In 14 states, parents who are incarcerated and whose income plummets as a result are not permitted to reduce their child support payments. Maryland is not one of them, but by Jan. 20, 2017, the Obama administration is expected to have regulations in place that will allow parents in all states to have their child support obligations reduced after incarceration in proportion to their income. The proposed regulations are opposed by Republican lawmakers in Congress.

Protective and peace orders in Maryland

Domestic violence is a real problem in Maryland. Victims are able to seek protection from their abusers through the courts by either requesting protective orders or peace orders. The type of order that a person seeks depends on his or her relationship with the alleged abuser and what type of abuse allegedly occurred.

Resolving child custody disputes

After some Maryland couples have divorced, they may have disputes arise about various aspects of child custody and visitation. When parents have disagreements about their children, there are several approaches to resolving the issues.

How a house is divided in a divorce

A divorcing couple in Maryland that owns a home will have to figure out some way to divide their property. While a home cannot literally be divided between two spouses, the profits can be divided after the home is sold. Another option is for one spouse to keep the home while the other keeps an asset of equal value such as a 401(k).