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When pedestrians get hit

It has happened to all of us--someone darts from behind a car or suddenly runs into a crosswalk. We slam on our brakes, our heart races and we are thankful for quick reflexes. But some in Maryland are not so lucky. Are you paying attention behind the wheel?

Number 15 in the country

Nationally, Maryland ranks number 15 in pedestrian deaths. According to a study cited in, in our state, an average of 1.69 people for every 100,000 are killed each year while traveling on foot. If someone has been hit by a driver, there will definitely be an investigation and there may be criminal charges as well.

Maryland traffic law for pedestrians

Maryland law requires a driver to stop for anyone who is in a marked or unmarked crosswalk. None of us would intentionally hit someone. But accidents do occur, and when they do--depending on the circumstances--you could face charges ranging from manslaughter to criminal vehicular homicide.

That's a scary position to be in.

If you find yourself facing such charges, you will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you navigate the court system. Depending on how the accident occurred, where, and when, you may have a strong case for dismissal of the charges or even acquittal.

Was the person you hit intoxicated? That may factor into your case. Was the person in the middle of the road, rather than in the crosswalk? The law does not generally protect people who jay-walk. This may affect your case. Were you on your phone when the accident occurred? This will absolutely affect your case and the outcome.

Knowing where to turn

Knowing where to turn is essential. If you are facing any of these charges--or are simply being investigated--having an attorney on your side can help allay your fears.

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