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Reducing stress for children during a divorce

Many Maryland divorces involve children, and the parents normally want it to be as easy on their children as possible. The process can be highly stressful for all of the people who are involved, and it may be especially so for children. Parents who want to lessen their children's burden can do several different things to help them.

Children who are able to spend liberal amounts of time with both parents generally have better outcomes. If it is possible, parents who are ending their marriage should put aside their anger at each other and work together to co-parent their children. They should also refrain from saying negative things about one another to their children or in front of them.

Children may have to go through several changes because of a divorce, such as moves, and their parents may want to try to stagger them rather than the child's having to process them all at once. Parents should also take the time to attend to their own needs, as children pick up on the stress of their parents.

The end of a marriage will likely bring substantial stress to the parents and their children. Parents who are divorcing might work on reducing the conflict so that they can focus on the best interests of their children. A parent who is planning to divorce may want to speak with a family law attorney to see what type of parenting plan can be negotiated. Most professionals believe that children do better when they can spend as much time with each parent as possible, and the attorney can attempt to obtain this result on behalf of a client.

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